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Improve your time management

Improve your time management


Tips & Tricks: Try managing your work day around your body clock’s schedule wherever possible.

Knowing times in which you’re generally most productive could lead to more achievements by the end of the working day and to less time staring at your to-do list.

Do you find yourself becoming slower to complete tasks as the day progresses? Or maybe you find it difficult to focus before a mid-morning break?

Taking a step back and acknowledging the times in which you are most productive could lead to a less stressful working week ahead.


Everyone knows the struggles of writing down a daily or weekly to-do list, then procrastinating during the day because you don’t have the energy (or inclination) to get started – or sometimes finished. Whilst some people find themselves to be the life of the party at 8 a.m., there are others hiding away in the shadows, with only the smell of a strong coffee to give away their presence. Being aware of your peak working hours could help your working week become much more productive.


The first step for a better time management is to identify when you feel you’re most efficient. For the early risers who can hit the ground running in a morning, consider moving larger tasks or things which require your full attention to earlier in the day so you can use your energy effectively. For all of you night owls, completing smaller tasks on your list to help you get into the swing of the day may be a better choice – leaving larger tasks which may require more focus for when you feel at your peak. By managing your time this way, you will likely feel more accomplished by the time you head home – helping you to unwind and re-energize for the following day.

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