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Open your mind, to open up to new perspectives

You can’t teach people anything. We can only help them to discover that they already have everything in them that needs to be learned.” – Galilée

We organise conferences – participative debates which aim to exchange, reflect and enrich each other around a targeted theme.

Interactive and dynamic, our conferences cover subjects as diverse as they are innovative.

The objective is to enable the company to create a moment of reflection, information and dialogue around a defined theme that relates to the daily professional context of its employees. A motivating and energizing moment generated by a fun tone of voice.

Our speakers deliver workshops and lectures & debates in several languages.

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Examples of topics

Emotions in business

Stress management

Manage your e-reputation

The Impact of Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence on the Workplace

The art of experimentation

The art of co-branding

My mental energy

The creative process

Emotionnal Detox

Non Violant Communication 

Introduction to process com’

Other topics on demand