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Let’s lead your teams to success

3R Consultants, with our creative capacity and our desire to provide lasting and effective support for men and women in companies, offers you OUR online leaning solutions.

Our tools are multiple, Zoom, Klaxoon, Advanseez and many others. Our objective remains the same: to bring you sustainable human development and this is also possible online. We do this by listening to your needs and proposing tailor-made, innovative, impactful and personal solutions.

Nothing separates individuals when emotional intelligence bridges the distance.

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Our L& D approach, whether face-to-face, distance learning or mixed, is based on 4 solid cornerstones:

Prior to the training, they receive information capsules, quizzes and articles on the subject in question, so that they arrive at the sessions with the necessary knowledge to enter test and learn.

Peer-to-peer exchanges are essential. It reinforces the dynamics of the group and allows a reinforcement of good practices. To achieve this, the participants are put into virtual sub-groups, so that they can exchange ideas and have at their disposal whiteboards, mindmaps, word clouds and any other practical tools to facilitate creative thinking.

Participants use several tools, video, live adventures, speed quizzes and drawing. The idea is to give tools to “test & learn”, an essential moment in training to experiment the understanding and mastery of the concepts and tools.

Our aim is to implement a follow-up and to transform the “lessons learned” into concrete actions. We use apps such as Advanseez or Klaxoon which enable participants to review the concepts, create action plans which are designed to assist in decision-making and, above all, follow-up, with reminders of deadlines, for example. An online follow-up is possible with a coach who will support the the participants in the implementation of the actions.