“We can't teach people anything. We can only help them to discover that they already have in them everything to learn.” - Galilée


Learn Debate Innovate

We organise conferences – interactive debats that aim to exchange, to reflect and to enrich around a defined theme.

Our conferences are interactive, dynamic and cover a wide range of innovative topics.

The objective is to enable the company to create a moment of reflection, information and dialogue around a defined theme that relates to the daily professional context of its employees. A motivating and energizing moment generated by a fun tone of voice. 


Adapted Impacting Illustrated

Impact the audience

We involve you, from the start, in the preparatory work in order to make the conference an important event shaking up and engaging your employees !

Real expertise

We have access to a full range of experts in divers domains, consultants, experts, coaches, authors of textbooks and methodologies, comedians, artists, high level sports coaches, psychologists, celebrities, ...

Hello, Bonjour ?

All our conferences, seminars and trainings are available in English, Italian, German, French and Dutch (other languages on demand) et can be adjusted to your specific needs. We always adapt our content to the specific audience. Other languages on demand.

Illustration of daily life

Our seminars are coloured by illustrations from the daily experience of the participants. We propose new practices and convey awareness to the participants that they are the actors of change and innovation within the company.


To make participants aware that they will be the actors of the next innovations in the company


Workshops or debates


Depending on the selected themes and the number of participants, practical workshops can be organized.

Conference / debate

The public is asked to interact, to ask questions, to express their point of view, to share experiences.

The conference / debate seminar is particularly useful :

  • To generate ideas, to share knowledge, to stimulate innovative thinking and to analyse how to activate daily life themes and questions.
  • An environment for personal development.  
  • A way to learn, to understand, to learn, to step back and look at the overall picture, to develop a critical spirit.
  • An occasion to unite different actors of a project or a company to develop their networks while reinforcing the feeling of belonging to the company.

The conferences / debate seminars are constantly renewed and adapted to the specific audience and context. They can be used to accompany change or to stimulate and motivate a group. 


We can activate one or more specialists to feed a specific content

Varying in length between 1h and 3h, the conferences / debate seminars we propose different themes, for example :

  • Develop your creativity and become an innovative actor.
  • Brand activation.
  • The impact of BigData, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (IE) on the work’s world.
  • The Consequences of a VUCA world.
  • Activate and boost your network.
  • Company Storytelling.
  • Baby boomers, Generation X, Y and Z : to succeed together !
  • Improve your communication skills : effective tools !
  • How to deal with and manage stress.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence.
  • Memory and learning.
  • Positive influence.
  • Personal Branding : valorize your potential !
  • Becoming an actor of change.
  • Optimize your managerial communication.
  • Develop your leadership skills.
  • How to manage conflicts and sensitive situations.
  • How to manage strong personalities.
  • Stepping out of the dramatic triangle : putting an end to psychological games.
  • Self-awareness to increase negotiations and sales skills.

Transform your business !