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Our accomplishments

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Within a national banking institution

Comment favoriser la cohésion d’équipe chez des cadres nouvellement recrutés ?

Séminaire d’intégration :

Our made-to-measure solution

CHE : Collective Intelligence and Self-knowledge with Horse Coaching – 180 participants
Innovative approach, which, by working on foot with a horse, allows you to learn how to manage a team in charge of a project and mobilise people skills.
DISC & Driving Forces © – 180 participants
Unique and complete assessments and profiles carried out to structure and optimise all forms of personal and organisational efficiency.
Become a change agent – 180 participants
By using our Theatre Format and Emotion Management, everyone’s needs are more easily identified and help participants develop empathy and appropriate behaviours.


Alignment of newly recruited managers with the expectations of the company and awareness of the need for coherence through the development of a common culture.

Executives committed to a common approach to collective success by means of the following common issue: team communication.

A regional French Metropole in the South of France

How to enable the Building Management staff and company executives to acquire the right tools and methods to work using a project mode?
We developed a training to enable teams to work on project-management and skills transfer

Our made-to-measure solution

After analysing the situation and working with the teams, our team :

Created a training course to provide the fundamentals of project management adapted to the problems of the Metropolitan area.

Presented free IT tools to conceptualise and monitor a project and to facilitate collaborative work


Staff have acquired a common understanding of the basics of project management.

New free IT tools to facilitate communication and cross-functional work

A transfer of skills to the internal trainer enabling him/her to lead the project in complete autonomy at the end of the project.

In an international oil company

To enable members of the network facilitation team to strengthen their influence both within the team and with network partners.

Design of a learning & development programme to strengthen skills and team cohesion (30 participants)

Our made-to-measure solution

After an in-depth analysis of the needs, our team created a made-to-measure learning path in 4 steps:

· Online pre-work to allow participants to immerse themselves in the different topics through quizzes, questionnaires and didactic videos.

· A two day face-to-face seminar to bring the whole team together, consisting of practical workshops and playful exercises.

· Co-development sessions carried out by the participants during the seminar

· Feedback workshop to provide participants with a day of self-expression and cooperation, 5 months after the face-to-face session.


This journey has enabled teams working remotely to create a common culture and set up a real internal support network with, for example, peer coaching sessions.

This improved internal communication, coupled with the good practices acquired during the programme, also led to improved relations with the decision-maker and the network partners.

Within an international corporate/community services provider

As a manager, how can you improve your communication and make it impactful?

Improve communication with stakeholders

Our made-to-measure solution

An internal audit was set up to map the managers profile and to identify the areas of expertise :

· Pre-work online with the participants to cover the basics of communication prior to face-to-face training.

· Facilitation of a 2-day training course on different topics and exercises: communication techniques, setting individual objectives, public speaking exercises , understanding one’s communication style, …

· Using acting workshops, practical application of the public speaking technique


A practical learning solution empowering participants to identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Immediate results observed during the session regarding the ability to have an impact

A concrete day to day action plan to be implemented by the participants.

A team of managers who fully meet the company’s expectations in terms of impact

At the heart of a governmental institution

How can we work together in cohesively facing strong changes?

Cooperation in a changing context

Our made-to-measure solution

Establish an internal audit to map the organisation and its constraints

Construction of an innovative project with the starred Chef of a major hotel to develop participants skills and expertise: resilience, cross-disciplinary communication, stress management, etc. And learn to collaborate on the same project.

Facilitation of 2 half-days through a cooking workshop with a Chef to create a meal in a given time and assigned roles combined with changes to involve collaboration, mutual aid and creativity in a short time. The workshop is followed by a debriefing of the consultant to reinforce the analysis.

A real learning innovation that is very dynamic and puts the participants in a realistic situation, experiencing a change in team dynamics.


Establishment of a real culture of change in the team

A concrete action plan to be implemented to transform training into effective day-to-day action

A strong impact in the team’s “Mindset”, bringing a strong sense of cooperation to the team.

A French research foundation dedicated to cancer research

To create a joint dynamic among the managerial teams of the medical secretary’s office.

Teambuilding for senior medical staff

Our made-to-measure solution

With the aim of creating a positive group dynamic in the medical secretariat’s management teams, our team worked on a programme to train participants to transform opportunities into concrete action and to adopt a positive vision of change by focusing on the benefits through collaborative creative work within a given time frame.

The artist will guide the team to a world that is new to them to prove that the unknown can be synonymous with new resources to be explored.

The objective is to demonstrate to the participants that opening new fields of reflection and changing habits transforms adaptability into a source of inspiration.


Better communication between the 2 sites

Reduced absenteeism

Implementation of concrete actions to create the identity of the foundation

A recognised public interest research foundation

Better integration to avoid turnover of staff
Integration programme for newcomers

Our made-to-measure solution

Audit of staff at the Parisian and Saint Cloud sites to understand the context of the turnover of medical staff and to assess the level of commitment and motivation of the team members in charge.

We used the Process Com tool to help participants profile the behaviours of newcomers.
We gave them keys to better understanding oneself, to better understanding others. Help the team to identify and analyse behaviours and emotions in order to give relevant insights about themselves and their team members.

Collectively reflect on a tool to create a model for an integration process.


Reduced turnover rate

New reference system set up is operational and efficient

Within a French editorial holding company

Request for individual coaching for a retail director

Develop a collaborative and non-directive managerial posture

Our made-to-measure solution

Following an analysis of demand and needs, our team has divided the learning programme into 5 phases:

Presentation of the DISC & Driving Forces model to the whole team

Completion of the DISC & Forces Motrices questionnaire for each team member

Individual training of the director on the topic: the essentials of management and debriefing of the DISC profile of the team and the director.

Field experimentation of actions decided during the training by the manager

Feedback from the manager and readjustment of the managerial posture with the consultant


Increased operational efficiency

Better priority management

Improved Delegation Skills

At the heart of a County Council

Launch and set up of their University of Management

Our made-to-measure solution

Our team has set up a global educational programme consisting of different modules over the course of a year (600 managers in total). This system, composed of 12 modules including Co-Development, Design Thinking, individual online coaching by our coaches and some modules delivered online, led to the transformation and change of posture expected by the council.

During the crisis, our team was able to adapt and transform the face-to-face modules into remote sessions.


A managerial staff committed to the main principles of a common managerial reference framework.

A managerial culture that empowers all levels of the organisation’s hierarchy and more committed employees.

An improved service for users and improved performance indicators

Personalised support for participants, creation of action plans. This follow-up / coaching facilitates the transformation of learning into concrete action. A managerial staff committed to the main principles of a common managerial reference framework.