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About us

Our story

Willem Royaards founded 3R Consultants in 2004 with an innovative and offbeat vision to support “people” in their professional life.

With Jean-Marc Sertillange, Director of Learning, they have developed a diversified offer and an international network of more than 100 expert consultants with strong listening, communication and interpersonal skills.

We encourage people to become change agents and give meaning to their daily work.

Our approach is based on 3 fundamental pillars:

True listening skills, empathy, the know-how to question and challenge, giving true meaning, facilitating the initiation to action and… a great sense of humour!

The capacity to adapt to the participants, the capacity to make the participants actors of their training, understanding the company culture, its spirit and the capacity to appropriating its language, values and practices.

To reveal the participants potential and understanding their eventual obstacles and brakes. To create a total coherence between the strategic objectives and the operational team realities.


We develop together in a creative approach a tailor-made strategy and action plan to bring your vision to life.


We help your employees to reveal their inner self by providing them with an innovative learning environment.


We create playful, action-oriented learning and change management solutions. Every participant will realise how much they can contribute.

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«Tous ensemble, nous redonnons à chacun le pouvoir d’être un acteur du changement et remettons du sens dans le travail au quotidien.»

Our mission

To reveal and develop the potential of the individual by means of a diversified and modular learning offer including codevelopment training seminars, creative labs, innovative seminars, training courses, coaching sessions and lots more. To incite within the individual the urge and the power to be a true actor of change and also to help make sense of everyday life at work. This is what makes us tick, this is our passion !

About us

Our vision

Providing you with a safe learning environment, coupled with innovative and flexible training methods, is the ideal cocktail for everyone to find their own way to success. That’s how we at 3R Consultants also help you create your success story.

About us

Our stars of Learning & Development

Willem Royaards

Director Wizard of lightbulb moments

Jean-Marc Sertillange

Director of sound Design

Hélène Baroukh

Oracle of inspiration, Director of Client’s Dream Fulfillmentcoach

Yoan Pousin

Consultant cowboy, lasso trainer, senior consultant senior et comedian

Marie de Beaufort

Director of Brainstorming Operations, executive coach, consultant et mentor

Some of our consultants

Andreas K

Conference speaker, Consultant and Business développement.

Monique M

Manager The Netherlands, Consultant and Coach

Valérie B

Trainer – Project manager – Environmental quality manager – Auditor

Carlos B

Consultant, Specialist in learning engineering

Raphaël H

Consultant Trainer in leadership Team and project management

Catherine E


Raphaël P

Coach – Mental preparation coach

Jessie G

Trainer, Choreographer and Certified Coach

Frédérique G

Trainer, Actress

Samir R

Trainer and Consultant

Agnès B

HR Consultant

Lilian L

Senior Consultant

Émilie P

Trainer and Coach

Johanna C

Consultant and Certified Coach

Catherine S

Consultant and Certified Coach

Marc-Philippe D

Media content Expert

Christian M

Consultant and Certified Coach

Alexandra M

Design Thinker

Barbara R

International Consultant

Jean-François M

Journalist and Editor

Antoine L

Consultant, trainer and Coach

Aida G

Expert in communication & Media training

Istvan van H

Trainer (Iso 9001), Tipi, comedian-clown