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Ways to stimulate creativity

Having a change in scenery can have a positive effect on your mindset, allowing your brain the space and opportunity to explore new thoughts and create new ideas. Rearranging your working space every now and again can stimulate your thought process, as can working in an entirely new environment when you need to create something totally different.


Let your inner Zeus loose!


Being mindful of different ways to stimulate creativity can be crucial in allowing your business to grow. New ideas are only ever a thought away, and we generally find we create our best ideas whilst in our most relaxed state. Having the opportunity to relax allows your brain the opportunity to explore the thoughts being processed in your subconscious.


Ever noticed how you create some of your best ideas whilst lathering up in the shower? Whiling time away to soap up, and experimenting with different pitches for pop songs is known to be a great release for dopamine in the brain. Once released, it serves the purpose as being a chemical messenger – lighting up pathways between each of your thought processes, and releasing the ideas from your subconscious into the forefront of your mind. Think of your brain as Zeus and the dopamine as his lightning bolts – it’s only once he’s thrown the bolt that an idea can strike.


Other ways to stimulate your creativity could be to feng-shui your office space every few months – or even just have a bit of work time in a new environment entirely. Having to actively think about every day activities, such as where to find your pens or having to reach for your drink which is now on your right rather than your left, is pushing your brain to be thinking about how to complete a task – rather than it running on auto-pilot. By actively thinking about these new things, it can in turn present you with the new ideas you’re looking for.

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