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Historical figures : Henry Ford & Innovation



Historical figure : Henry Ford & Innovation



Henry Ford was an important 20th century industrialist. He had a strong sense of management and innovation. That is why, at 3R consultants, we have chosen to present this historical figure of the industry. In our opinion, Henry Ford’s qualities are qualities that we believe are essential in any entrepreneurial environment.

In 1891, Henry Ford was hired by the Edison power company as a mechanical engineer. At the same time, he spends all his free time making his first car and spending all his savings there. It was in 1896 that the young Henry Ford finished his first prototype, the Ford Quadricycle, with which he roamed the streets of Detroit.

Edison, impressed by his employee, suggested that he could create an electric car with him. Henry Ford declined th offer and decided to start his own business.

At the time, all automobile companies developed models with a focus on ensuring the speed of their vehicles. Henry Ford, on the other hand, is only concerned about the price, robustness and reliability of his vehicles.

Some time later, Henry Ford began to have some differences with his partners, who wanted to produce to order and significantly increase the price of their vehicles. So that it wishes to target the general public. He decides to leave the company he co-founded and continues his “adventure” alone. As an anecdote, the company he is leaving will then become Cadillac, a brand well known by luxury car lovers.

It was following this separation that Henry Ford created the company that would later become Ford. In order to make himself known to the general public, Henry Ford conceived a competition vehicle and sought to win speed races. His vehicle was at the head of a great race and won many victories afterwards, which is how Ford’s reputation developed and its sales took off.

But if Henry Ford is so well known, it is not only because of his company’s success but also because of his avant-gardist vision of the supply chain. In 1910, the entrepreneur introduced Fordism in his workshops. It is an industrial method that revises both the assembly line principle and ensures an economic model with higher wages.

Ford has also set up a franchise system that places a Ford dealer in each of the cities of North America as well as in the major cities of each of the 6 continents

This choice and the industrial upheavals it initiated allowed it to produce more than 16 million copies of the Ford T.

Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, not even the assembly line. On the other hand, more than any other, he is responsible for its democratization… He transformed the automobile in the 20th century from an invention whose usefulness was not known, to an innovation affecting everyone’s way of life until today.

Innovators makes differences. They improve existing ideas, develop and promote them to the point of making them an integral part of everyone’s daily life. Innovation requires self-confidence, risk-taking, good leadership and a clear vision of what the future should be like. Henry Ford had all these characteristics, but it took many years to really develop them.

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