High value-added services to help achieve Sustainable Human Development and Operational Efficiency.

Our training solutions are adapted to your company's values, to your management and leadership style, to your communication, history and culture. Each and every project is unique which is why we provide you with tailor made learning solutions.

"We help our clients become higher-performing organisations."

3R Consultants is established in several countries throughout the world,  therefore enabling the company to offer valuable intercultural training methods. Our training solutions can be organised in the language of your choice.

We position ourselves as your partner for state of the art Learning & Development solutions and HR Consulting. We work closely with your Learning & Development and Leadership teams to help you control expenses and gain better value from investment in training and coaching. We can work with you at various levels of program design, from lightly tailored content or delivery through to fully customised learning solutions.

Companies are having to constantly reassess themselves in order to adapt to new strategies and increasing performance requirements. It is of great importance therefore to succeed in making the most of your colleagues’ potential and abilities by placing them in the centre of your business and enabling them to achieve personal and professional objectives.

Part of 3R Consultants' focus is on results. For every solution we implement, we make sure that results can be measured. The added value of our training programs must be visible to our clients. Our way of working ensures that your investment in Learning & Development is relevant, engaging and aligned with the business and involves line managers more in both set-up and follow-up.

3R Consultants is one of the first training and coaching consultancy firms to focus on Sustainable Human Development and Relational Intelligence. For more than 20 years, our consultants have been helping companies and their employees achieve their goals. One of the tools enabling us to achieve operational success when dealing with our clients is 3R’s GPS. A symbol which echoes our mission.




High value-added services to help achieve Sustainable Human Development and Operational Efficiency.

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