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LEADERSHIP IS A TOP SPORT : The capacity of a team to keep winning !

Most of us do not make full use of our skills and capacities. We are like people who own mansions and only use the basement.

Some take-aways I have picked up whilst observing a match between PSG and Real Madrid; Interesting to see the way coaches have guided their teams and how the game was played.

If we out this in the context of your business :

  • The leader / manager should be the example for a team. Setting the vision and the right direction.
  • But without a team, there’s no performance
  • Hence Management is a TEAM-TOP-SPORT

A manager must coach his / her team on :

  • Technique (physical dexterity)
  • Endurance and resilience
  • Tactical insights, vision and mindset
  • Encouraging and stimulate team spirit

When I coach executives and managers, it becomes clear that this is not always easy. How do you keep your team on the ball? How do you create cooperation? How to create trust in order for team members to give the best of themselves and feel good?

When you observe top football teams : To be able to play football 2X for three quarters of an hour, you have to train all week long.

Otherwise no TOP performance, this clearly shows that a couple of minutes of coaching per day keeps the doctor away and your team in good shape.


Management can be compared to a professional sport

Your team is composed of players :
Vanguard / front / Attack, midfield and defense

Directors and managers have multiple roles: « psychologists », coaches, trainers and “Masseurs”. All those roles are important to keep your team high performing.

When we look at a team sport, like football, rugby or hockey, there are 2 aspects:

  • Bad side : Only one party can win
  • Nice side : Clear rules of the game

When it comes to our business we observe a different aspect

  • Unpleasant side : Sometimes the “rules” of the game are unclear
  • The nice side : All parties involved can benefit (make a profit) in a transparent market.
  • Otherwise : the winner takes it all


The leader helps the team to perform at it’s best

He/she needs to be :

  • Deliberate
  • Goal oriented
  • Effective

Workplace analysis, a couple of reflection points :

  • Does your team member do enough ?
  • Does he/she have enough to do ?
  • And last but not least : Is it worth it ? What’s the added value ?


Your journey to create a high performing team

Level 1 :
Understanding – What is a high performing team?

Level 2 :
Objective and orientation – How can we reach our objectives ?

Level 3 :
Personal contribution – What is my responsibility to help to create a succes for the team ?

Level 4 :
Progress of the team – How do we respond one to the other? How can I help to create trust and cooperation ? The way in which we exert mutual influence and how can I help to control conflicts ?

Every leader and team member have their role to play for the company of the future.


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