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EUROPEAN LEADERSHIP PLATFORM : The Ten Commandments of Dialogue #3

At ELP, we work with The Ten Commandments of Dialogue. The third is about letting go. A dialogue requires a different mindset and attitude than business leaders are used to in their daily work, which is determined by achieving results in an effective and efficient way. In a dialogue they have to let go of the intention to achieve results, because the process is more important than the result. Participants give up control and enter into a free space that they are shaping together by their joint contributions. Collective wisdom is emerging by what they are co-creating. As a participant to a dialogue you engage in a process without knowing where you will end.

@ELP you sit with peers from a wide variety of disciplines and organizations to learn from each other. There is nothing about the participants that ELP wants to change, neither their views nor their behavior. They don’t have to go deeper than they want nor act differently. It’s up to the participants themselves to use the insights that they gain at an ELP Leadership Dialogue in a time and manner that suits them.

Source : European Leadership Platform

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