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Tips & Tricks: Taking the time to participate in an espresso course can help to keep your skills up-to-date, and ensure that you are using the most effective methods of work for you.


Hit me with your best shot

Working to improve your skills within the workplace is one of the best options to maintaining your edge and proficiency – although it’s not always possible to remove your entire team from their workplace for a day at a time (unless you’re hiding away a fantastically well-equipped robot in your cupboards – in which case, call me!).

Espresso courses can be great for the little shots of information you need to give yourself or your team the training boost they need.


By focusing on a specific subject, the espresso courses can be a great way to provide effective learning.

They also allow flexibility within the workplace, meaning that you could complete one during your lunch break – walking into the afternoon ahead with a fresh start and attitude.

Having the space to focus on yourself and making personal improvements can help to support your working balance, as the more time you’re focused and energised in the workplace, the more time you can spend at home not worrying about work.

Due to the time being so short, it also ensures that you won’t be overloaded with information which you’re likely to forget quickly. It’s a quick burst of knowledge, designed to be fun and refresh you with your skills.

So come on – espresso yourself!

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