Passez du savoir-faire à l’aimer-faire

 WHY 3R 

  • Reshape : We help to reshape the existing system to allow companies and their staff to rebuild in a creative way
  • Reveal : We enable men and women to reveal their potential by putting them in situations in innovative environments
  • Realise : We create innovative, fun and action-oriented learning and coaching solutions that bring about change

Through these 3 axes we respond to your requests by customising our proposals to meet your needs as closely as possible


For over 15 years, we have become a reference in the field of training, learning solutions, seminars, conferences,coaching and transformation consulting.

With an international presence, 3R Consultants is able to develop a business strategyspecific to your local needs.  We provide our servicesin several languages.

Paris – Lille – Lyon – Nice – Amsterdam – Barcelone – Berlin – Madrid – Milan – Londres – New York – LA – Sao Paolo.


Leveraging our expertise in the field and through co-construction with our clients/partners, we develop innovative methods to provide excellent blended-learning offers.

We design all our learning and development solutions in a fun and practical way to generate a real commitment from our participants. With you, we develop training and team building programmes, conferences and modular coaching sessions. We do this by respecting your company’s culture, history and values.


Tailor-made Playful Instructive

Build an organisation in line with your strategy
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A wide offer of adaptable trainings for your success
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Personalised support, organised in a series of face-to-face or remote interviews
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Create a real cohesion between all your employees
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Participatory debates that aim to exchange, reflect and enrich themselves around a defined theme
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Psychometric tests are to date the most effective way to predict the potential and performance of a candidate for a position
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