Master the methods and tools of the sales manager

Master the methods and tools of the sales manager

Duration : 2 days
Public : Commercial Managers, Sales Managers


  • Understand the role of coach as a thinking partner and developer of others .
  • Understand the different factors that inhibit individuals’ sales results.
  • Adopt coaching as a management style for increasing skills and competencies to improve sales results.
  • Employ the skills vital to effective inspirational sales coaching.
  • Utilise various coaching tools and techniques in coaching sales personnel.
  • Exploit a variety of sales and work situations as an opportunity to coach and increase results.

Teaching methods

Learning how to coach effectively and rediscover the skills of selling and the core skills of coaching are also an ideal way to help people discover their full potential by developing their skills and increasing confidence to enhance performance.


What is coaching?
  • An overview of coaching
  • The benefits of coaching
  • How to apply coaching techniques in a sales environment
Coaching as a Management Style
  • Adopting coaching as a new management style
  • Identify opportunities for coaching to develop performance
  • Through questioning recognise how individuals inhibit their full sales potential
Conducting the Coaching Meeting
  • Learn a framework for effective coaching
  • Identify the skills of high performance coaches
  • Learn a range of coaching techniques to motivate your team
Motivational Sales Coaching
  • Working with the learner’s agenda
  • Coaching beyond your boundaries of subject matter knowledge
Coaching Practice
  • Develop your coaching skills
  • Practise a range of coaching skills
Your Personal Development Plan
  • Prepare a personal development plan