Our approach

Reveal your potential




To reveal and develop the potential of the individual by means of a diversified and modular learning offer including codevelopment training seminars, creative labs, innovative seminars, training courses, coaching sessions and lots more. To incite within the individual the urge and the power to be a true actor of change and also to help make sense of everyday life at work. This is what makes us tick, this is our passion !




An engaged employee is an individual on the road of excellence. We seek to create a playful and securing learning environment coupled with innovative, flexible training methods and within an experimental framework. These are the ideal ingredients for each individual to develop himself within the best of his capacities. We believe that to give meaning, to enthuse and to help build concrete and immediate applicable action plans are the necessary ingredients for a successful training. In order to embed the learnings and to maximise your ROI we assure a follow up and support, before and after the sessions


The world changes, evolves and so does your work environment

We live in a VUCA environment : Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and AmbiguousA new reality in a world of fast change and information overload. This context engages us to redefine our behaviour and the way we do things: taking a step back, wielding a helicopter view, permanently challenging oneself, and going back to basics have become essential sine qua non conditions for our development and success.  

The way you work evolves and so our offer & our tools. We continuously innovate our techniques and tools. We make these ever more lively, practical and playful. We create bespoke courses and learning solutions. We provoque true awareness by furthering and accompanying an immediate call to questions by the participants. We are convinced that a focus on the full potential and talents of individuals furthers the best interests of your company.

By varying and blending training solutions we optimise the impact of our courses, coaching sessions and interactive conferences.


Human Capital is your greatest asset

We believe that to give meaning, to enthuse and to help build concrete and immediate applicable action plans are the necessary ingredients for a successful training. In order to embed the learnings and to maximise your ROI we assure a follow up and support, before and after the sessions.

« You think education is expensive ? Try ignorance »

- Abraham Lincoln


Training devices, team-building, conferences and coaching sessions

For over 15 years, we have been a pan European reference for our state of the art learning solutions, seminars, conferences and coaching sessions. Fortified by our field of experience and our codeveloppement with our clients/partners, we engineer and use innovating methods for our blended-learning offer. All our learning solutions are developed in a playful and practical way so as to generate a true engagement by all our participants.

Together with you we build learning procedures, team building sessions, conferences and modular coaching sessions. In the building process we respect your company culture, your history and your values. Our training methods are based on action learning: a process that involves a small group working on real problems, taking actions, learning as individuals, as a team and as an organisation.


What makes us different?

At 3R consultants we build our learning solutions for the development of the individual on four essential pillars. These four axes foster an environment where all participants find a true awareness by questioning the given.

There are no lasting results without a clear vision and goals. Understanding the global context in which you work and contribute to achieve goals increases your sense of belonging to the company
Feeling responsible for your actions and results is crucial in terms of long-term commitment. A company must give a sense of responsibility to their employees in order to develop loyalty and motivation
When asked about the important aspects of their professional lives, 80% of individuals mention the importance of growth, evolving within the company, learning and progressing. Successful growth guarantees an increased performance in the long term
Giving the opportunity to grow and learn within a company and giving a sense of responsibility guarantees a performance increase and long-term motivation




As part of our training services, we have developed a monitoring tool, allowing participants to consolidate their achievements during the training programmes. Added value of training sessions is often evaluated during the actual process, but further consolidation is usually required. This tool helps to embed the knowledge acquired throughout the training process.




We work in close collaboration with Klaxoon to make our courses playful and connected. We elaborate bespoke pre-course questionnaires to adapt the programme to the needs of each participant and to implicate all ! Klaxoon is a clever multimedia box that allows us to create interactive seminars. At 3R Consultants, we use this tool in our trainings, seminars and coaching solutions in order to create giant brainstormings, quizzes and challenges with the participants' smartphones, a computer and a screen. We also use Klaxoon for our evaluation surveys and to measure the ROI procured by our trainings and assuring an individual follow up by our consultants.

Our 3 units


The 3R Intelligence Unit is a unit we have created in order to keep up to date with our clients’ training requirements and innovative learning tools. The unit remains in permanent contact with our clients  and with  our associates throughout the world, thus helping to keep our database renewed and up to date.


After a diagnosis, we put together tailor-made programmes. Trainings, practical exercises, and immediate applications, that effectively prepare your team for an optimised performance. 


We also offer a more integrated level of service. In addition to proposing Learning & Development solutions we can manage, administer and evaluate most, if not all of your internal and external trainings. In that case we assign a 3R project manager to your company, who will be in charge of the programme and liaise with you.

Transform your company !