Our goal ? Your success !

Over 15 years we have become a leading reference in fields of training, seminars and corporate coaching in France and Europe


Building on our experience in the field and on our co-development with clients/partners, we develop and use innovating methods to offer state of the art blended-learning solutions. All our learning solutions have been developed in a playful and practical way in order to generate true engagement from our participants while respecting your corporate history, your identity, together with you we build learning programs, seminars, team building and modular coaching sessions, conferences.

A process in 3 stages

Focus on the mission

Together with you and from the start we assess the criteria and measures to be taken on the road to success. We put together a team dedicated to activating and developing your project. The team will guide you in choosing the type of training best adapted towards your needs and expectations. In the process we monitor company strategy and all desired changes on short, mid and long term.

Development of the project

Our “Intelligence Unit” developpes your device tailor-made and interface with your teams.

Presentation of the prototype

Meeting to discuss the first training prototype for final adjustments.



Global Performance Solutions

Your journey : A route to excellence !


The 3R GPS

We have developed a tool that helps you find the best direction to follow in order to bring your company to success and to stimulate the performances of your teams.

Together with you, from the start we assess the criteria and measures to be taken on the road to success.

You will resume your route with tools and specific action plans.

The 3R GPS is a tool box that helps you analyse the mode of operations our your team and to identify its strengths and weaknesses in order to maximise performance.  

Our catalogue

Leadership & Management

We believe that leaders and managers are the cornerstone of your company. Hence we develop training sessions using varied learning methods in order to engage them and to discover their style and their managerial competencies. Our Goal : to boost our participants with a concrete action plan and a clear vision!

Sales & marketing

We adapt our approach to your strategy and to your competitive environment. In a world of fast change and information overload, we are there to offer you a solid basis in sales, negotiation and marketing.
Our Goal: to give you the right tools and ammunition to face the constantly evolving changes in these particular fields.


Communication is the foundation of interaction. Wether with your clients, your team, in private or in public, communication is constant. Thanks to our innovating and proven methods, we help you to feel at ease and to have impact through your communication in all situations. Our goal : to help you find your path.

Impact and personal effectiveness

We know that the workplace is increasingly demanding. Time management, being relaxed in stress or conflict situations, being assertive, proactif and creative have become indispensable prerequisites to the development of your company in the present VUCA environment (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous). Our goal: to help you to be more effective and flexible in order to manage your daily challenges.

Human Resources

We are conscious that human resources departments are critical to the success of the company and to guiding the work force. We develop all round and tailor made solutions with all our partners. These include state-of-the art tools that help you optimise the performance and the well being of your employees. Our goal: to help you build the program that fits you.