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SOS Coaching: For people with very specific needs...and very little time These coaching sessions are short and powerful interventions that simplify complex issues; these interactive learning sessions focus on a single core skill or technique that can be immediately applied in your personal or working life.

Corporate & Executive coaching: Coaching for Excellence From size S to XXXL: Our coaching sessions are tailored to fit. We want your coaching to be a responsive organisational development tool. Together we unleash your full potential to accelerate strategic change and deliver improved outcomes at an organisational as well as individual level. We combine effectiveness and fun.

A totally new and unique concept of Coaching “CHE”© (Part of our GPS offer): Horses are the wise mentors in this unique type of work. As prey animals, their "flight" instincts become instant mirrors and non-judgmental feedback mechanisms for humans. Horses sense and respond to your intentions, emotions and thoughts that are conveyed subconsciously through your body language. Through the experience of observing a horse’s response to your requests and directions, you learn how to communicate more effectively, face your fears and manage your emotions, and become more consistent and congruent with your actions.

The AEC DISC© helps to identify your behavioural profile, gain insight into the adaptive and natural styles of your behaviour and the behaviour of others around you. You discover how DISC affects your management style, including decision making and problem solving.

Our most appreciated coaching

CHE coupled with the AEC Disc method

Using a real live horse, we are going to explore the universe of non-verbal communication, an indispensable part of our global communication.

The horse allows a growing and deepening awareness of our relational preferences, while colours allow a cognitive awareness. The association of these two dimensions guarantees a powerful and durable anchoring and constitutes the starting point of a change dynamic. "CHE" truly helps you to understand yourself and your surroundings. The relationship between the horse and the man, and the analysis that follows, gives "Coach and Horse" and the colour method an exclusive synergy. It reveals the assets and the possible improvements of each participant in a playful and innovative way. Each coaching session is given in person, by the consultant. Our added value relies on an immediate application in the workplace in the short, medium and long term.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”
Sir Winston Churchill

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