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3R's GPS

We have developed a tool which will help you lead your company to success and boost your team's performance:

3R's GPS is a toolbox which helps you analyse your team's performance and identify its strengths and weaknesses. With sound knowledge of areas of improvement, you can guarantee optimal performance.

A 3-steps process

Drawing up the mission: a precise transcript of your request by interview

A design meeting during which the Head of Pedagogical methods and a training designer will build your training curriculum directly in relation to the context of your organisation and your precise request. We will guide you to choose the most adapted training or coaching curriculum that will best fit your expectations by taking into account the organisation’s strategy and the changes to be expected in the short, medium and long term.

A meeting to see a prototype of the first training session, in order to readjust the details of the curriculum. This proven procedure gives high value-added results, with very positive feedback from the trainees.

Preparation and co-building

We put together success criteria and assessment measures right from the start.

We carry out preparatory work before the training. We co-build a tailor-made facility with your team, in order to respond to your request in the best way possible.

3R Consultants creates a dedicated team to build tailor-made training programmes adapted to your situation.

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3R Consultants creates and delivers state of the art learning solutions, fostering efficiency and performance through blended-learning and innovative methods, always keeping at heart the sustainable human development of your team.

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