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A network of over 100 consultants located in France and throughout the world. Consultants, coaches and experts : specialised coaches, experienced managers, authors, comediens, artists, sport coaches, psychologists...

Willem Royaards

CEO, founded 3R Consultants with the idea that innovation is the foundation of Sustainable Human Development. Trilingual, he is an International Consultant Executive and Business ICF coach in leadership, management, organisation and team development. He wants our learning solutions to boost the participants’ confidence and instigate high performance and motivation in the working environment. Willem fosters a lively culture of innovation and creativity. He is driven by ensuring clients receive the highest quality service.

Jean-Marc Sertillange

Associate director of the company, Jean-Marc specialises in managerial communication, project management, team management and crisis management. One of the pioneers of educational engineering, he adapts his training methods to the needs of companies. He is also a qualified Consultant Trainer (RNCP level II SIPCA) and certified Human Side (psychometric instrumentation) as well as a DISC coach.

Manon Lecomte

International consultant, occupational and organisations psychologist. She supports companies in their managerial challenges and guides individuals and teams in their performance improvements by encouraging new behaviors and new work practices.

Monique Mulder

Monique Mulder, our Dutch country manager, has an MBA degree from Henley University in the UK. She specialized in Consultative Selling, Coaching, Personal Development and Effectiveness. Monique has managed teams for over 7 years, which has included work involving team development and the personal growth of the individuals themselves. During this mission, she leads many reorganisation projects in a tough economic environment: Challenges are numerous and inspiring. Stimulating and developing teams is part of her tasks. Her approach is result based and focussed on changing human behaviour. Using skills but also investigating and influencing motivational factors. She is an energetic trainer and motivator who brings personal practical experience into the classroom and helps participants to find their personal way in achieving personal and business results. She trains in Ducth, English and German.

Barbara Rock

Our International Director, Barbara develops, designs and delivers innovative training solutions for our global customers, Born in Peru, german citizen and living in France she represents the multicultural spirit that we want to instill in our programs. She is trilingual and has worked in more than 25 countries worldwide. Barbara is a certified Enneagram practitioner and coach. Her background in commercial business and psychology allows her to be an expert as well in professional as in personal development and effectiveness. With her relaxed and pragmatic approach, she works with Global Organisations to identify their vision for the future and helps bring that vision into reality.

Valerie van Reede

Valérie with more than 17 years of experience in Training design, Learning and Development, facilitation, management leadership, coaching and team building across a range of sectors. She is warm, powerful, playful, practical and result driven. She combines different methods and work on different levels: mental, emotional, physical, energetic and systemical. Her strengths lies in her ability to assist individuals and teams to achieve step changes in performance through new behaviours and working practices, to coach individuals and teams into rapid results delivery challenging transitions, and to design learning experiences that both develop leaders while accelerating relevant business results. When employees make use of their personal power, organisations will effortlessly reach their goals.

Agnès Boudy

Senior consultant at 3R, former HR in a multinational company. Agnes intervenes with GPEC, skills assessment, HR projects and performance coaching with leaders. Agnes is also head of Green Team Building trainings within 3R thanks to her herbalist diploma obtained at the Medicinal Plants and natural knowledge School of Lyon.

Francis Beelaerts

Francis Beelaerts is an experienced coach, consultant and trainer in leadership, management, organisation and team development. With over 15 years of experience as a manager and Head Corporate Communications Manager Francis has worked in numerous industries and multinational companies. His strengths lie in his ability to assist individuals and teams to achieve next steps changes in performance through new behaviours and working practices, to coach individuals and teams into rapid results delivery during challenging transitions, and to design learning experiences that both develop leaders while accelerating relevant business results.

Carlo Bianchi

He specialises in instructional training methods. He creates interactive training tools, “Learning by doing”. These are tailor-made training games that enhance and accelerate people’s learning capacity. The simulations are based on real work situations and can also be tailor-made for your company only.

Géraldine Hostein

Géraldine Hostein is an experienced consultant in knowledge management and professional communication, with over 10 years of experience across a range of sectors (healthcare, energy, FMCG and 3rd sector) all over the world (french, english, spanish). An academic background in learning organisations combined with a consultative approach has enabled Geraldine to develop an innovative and creative approach to support companies in creating value through human capital development. Her strengths are in imparting learning solutions, training design and delivery, teambuilding and development. Pragmatic, passionate and enthusiastic, she has interpersonal skills and works with energy, knowledge and talent to motivate people she works with.

Emilie Preira

Emilie has over 15 years of working experience in companies, specializing in management, sales negotiation and customer care. Her aim is to help provide individual clients with training, advice, role play exercises and other techniques that can be used directly in the field. Emilie can provide training and coaching courses adapted to personal requirements. Throughout the years, Emilie has worked with top and middle management, sales representatives, account managers and telemarketers.

Aida Grovestins

Journalist, film and documentary producer, Aida, bilingual, trains throughout different continents. As a media training expert, she accompanies participants wishing to develop their communicating potential. Her experience as a journalist enhances her expertise on subjects such as media communication, crisis management communication and “how to make a success of your interview on radio or television”. She builds a dynamic training environment that relates to participants' everyday work situations She relishes a challenge and likes nothing more than putting together intelligent solutions to even the most complex of client briefs.

Johanna Contat

Bilingual, consultant and certified coach, Johanna has had more than fifteen years of experience working for companies, of which ten have been abroad. She specialises in personal development, team building, public speaking and team management. Johanna believes in human kind's limitless potential. Performance is closely linked to well-being, quality of lifestyle, respect for human beings and their values. Johanna is certified in the "Enneagram of Personality", Gestalt Therapy and has a masters in new media communication.

Lilian Laugerat

Consultant specialised in crisis management and communication. He was head of the negotiation cell the GIGN (the French Gendarmerie's elite Special Operations counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit). He organizes management seminars regarding complex situations.

Yoan Pousin

Consultant specialised in interpersonal communication and management. He has developed team-management learning solutions by sport and other innovative methods, sales strategy seminars and our “turbo theatre” seminars. He is passionate about people and the design and delivery of high impact events that can demonstrate a sustainable return on investment. He develops the confidence and abilities of the participants by looking at their specific requirements and adopting a flexible and interactive approach that encourages contribution, which in turn enhances results. His experience as a manager, playwriter and actor has also led him to coaching on assertiveness and confidence issues.

Frédérique Garbies

Frédérique is a consultant coach and trainer in leadership, management, team building and organisation development. She supports companies and their employees with personal and professional development to create value for the company and its stakeholders. She accompanies people with sincerity, pragmatism and kindness. Her working methods are creative and dynamic. She has also coached senior executives and top managers Frédérique previously held a sales manager position.

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