We have designed an innovative training programme based on audio-visual production, to help encourage initiative and collective values.

The seminar is adapted to various themes (project management, time management, managing creativity, etc.). Participants are put in role-play situations based on a unique project: Short Cuts.


Involve participants in the making of a film: both writing and filming. Participants will be able to choose from five different themes, and throughout the two-day training programme, will have to show creativity and the ability to efficiently manage their time. They will become authors as well as actors in their own project.

The scenario has to follow the chosen theme. A shooting script has to be established and every shot has to be prepared in order to have everything ready for the following day.


Each and every participant will have the opportunity to work on their organisational skills, with a clear view of what has to be done in order to achieve the desired results. This task will help participants efficiently use their team's resources and skills and create a successful work dynamic.

Being reactive is very important: Relying on other people's skills, delegating accordingly, respecting time constraints and adhering to a strict methodology.

How will your organise your ideas, exchange and communicate? How do you trust other participants? Some will have to lead, others will have to be told what to do, some will take initiatives others won't…

Producing a film will put forward the inherent skills of the participants but will also develop a potential for change and originality.


The screening takes place at a later time and is the perfect opportunity for a final assessment based on the individual and collective work throughout the task and the final production.

Expectations, organisation, creativity, mutual respect, conflict resolution, trust and communication are the key aspects of this innovative project.

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