Manager passport

Facing globalisation

Nowadays managers are having to adapt to many difficult situations as well as countries and cultures.

3R Consultants is proud to offer the “Manager’s Passport”
How to acquire it?
By completing Espresso manager modules. Each module lasts 3 hours, during which you will be put in various situations and faced with case studies directly linked to your line of work.

Examples of a manager's Espresso: Recruiting and integrating new team members

Hire and integrate new members into a team:
Interviewing techniques
Fundamentals of the work legal system
Integrating new members to a team

Set objectives and measure performance:
Management by objectives
Leading efficient assessment interviews
Handling remuneration

Communicating with the team and fostering engagement:
Effective communication in teams
Intercultural management

Developing members of the team and handling talents:
Building a development plan
Feedback techniques
Managing talents

Managing efficiently complicated situations:
Managing under-performance
Distant management
Supporting collaborators during change

Create your own manager passport.
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