Culture Connector

Make cultural differences an asset

Working with a multicultural team might be challenging, but we deeply think it is a true asset for a company. CultureConnector develops cross-cultural business skills online through participant self-study or as part of a coaching and training experience. Get useful insight about different national cultures and learn how to grow your team with Culture Connector and 3R Consultants’ experience in training and human resources.

Your most powerful training tool is your mobile

Culture Connector has been developed specially for mobile use, with user experience in mind. Very visual but yet powerful, this application will let you develop your cultural assets in the easiest way possible. No complicated settings. Easy startup. Focus on what matters most.

Put your team diversity forward

Culture Connector offers group insights, to see where your collaborators stand on different cultural assets. This will let you know how you are positioned compared to other members of your team on many levels, thus increasing collaboration and well-being inside of your team.

Personalised profiles to get away from national stereotypes

Even though people come from different cultures, they have their own personal way of working and thinking. Thanks to detailed questions and profiles, your team will get away from stereotypes and work more closely and efficiently by reducing cultural frontiers.

Easy to implement

3R Consultants offers a wide range of training and coaching solutions with Culture Connector. Implement this incredibly powerful tool in your daily work, and benefit from a tailor-made follow-up with our team of experts in multicultural working environments.

Create your Culture Connector account

Start to make your team's cultural difference an asset and benefit from 3R Consultants expertise in training and coaching to work more closely together.

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