A Unique and revolutionary concept in Europe

This method helps you reveal your inner communication, team-building and leadership potential. This is achieved through several key workshops, each revolving around the handling of a horse.

Coaches (management and equine) guide the participants in order to help them understand the relevance between what they are doing with the horse and how this can be transposed to their work within the company.

Improve performances

Workshop 1: My horse, my mirror

A horse’s body language is like a mirror of what we are, what we express and what we feel at any given moment. By listening and observing the horse’s reaction to what we do, to what we express, to our attitude, one can learn how to transcend our talent and improve our performance. By developing our emotional intelligence, we become a source of inspiration and are able to share a sense of enthusiasm with others.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Improve non-verbal communication
  • Position yourself
  • Improve leadership
  • Be consistent between your intentions and your actions
  • Channel emotions in order to provide the energy required to fulfil your projects

Finding balance when you are off-balance

Workshop 2: Vaulting

This workshop is all about being able to adapt to a situation which we cannot control; it is about being capable and willing to use the resources at one’s disposal in order to make the team stronger as a whole.

Various exercises, both on and beside a horse, will help you find serenity in an unstable situation. Adapting to the horse will help you calmly deal with change.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Trust yourself and others in order to move together towards a same goal
  • Find a consensus and establish a win-win situation
  • Anticipate risk and react accordingly
  • Deal effectively with the unexpected
  • Be aware of your behaviour's impact on others and adjust accordingly

Leading together

Workshop 3: Harnessing

Controlling a carriage horse is very much like having a team a being in charge of a project. It requires many skills - cooperation, determination and the ability to head towards one common goal - as well as being able to focus and stay calm in tricky situations.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Move together towards a same goal
  • Have everyone’s support
  • Take measured risks
  • Succeed through cooperation
  • Assign projects according to key skills
  • Share responsibility

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