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The AEC DISC© offers the right solutions to your specific needs as a Human Resources Professional. Make sure the employees you are attracting really match to your company’s needs and culture.

The AEC DISC© turns your selection and recruitment process into a solid strengths and weakness analysis that helps you place a job candidate into the right position.

Our AEC DISC© assessment provides empowering ways to talk about employee issues, names for particular behaviours and practical suggestions to implement. People can turn their tendencies into strengths, rather than weaknesses.

The AEC DISC© can satisfy some of the basic needs of Human Resources:

  • Anticipating work patterns and values that match your company needs and culture.
  • Hiring the right employees for the right position.
  • Lowering the cost of your selection process.
  • Keeping turnover and training costs down.
  • Improving and maintaining workplace motivation.
  • Having team building ideas for meetings or special events that create effective results.
  • Improving interpersonal relationships between managers, executives and their direct reports.
AEC Disc solutions respond to a global request, not to be wrong about future employees.

How does it work?

The manager, consultant and HR manager are asked to define the job based on various criteria from the questionnaire. This process helps to clarify the profile required for the position. A Job graph is produced. The applicant then produces his own personal profile.

This profile is designed to discover, analyse and understand the differences that may exist between the natural behaviour of a person, which reveals who they are, and the behaviour that is expected from them for a specific job in order for their skills to be used efficiently. Every single job requires some kind of adaptation to the work environment. It can be expressed by:

  • a conscious strategy to succeed because the environment requires it,
  • a survival strategy that a person is more subjected to and that is less conscious because the environment doesn't give the choice and which may reveal a more or less intense discomfort.

This comparison helps you to become aware of the adequacy factors between the natural style of the person and the concerned job, but also the stress levels that may exist due to the disparities between the graphs. This comparison is presented in the following way:

  • A summary written report of these 2 graphs and their possible differences.
  • A simplified schematic summary of the Job Graph with 16 indicators, compared in pairs. Each one refers to the person's natural and adapted style compared to the job graph.
  • Two numbered indicators, represented on measured scale from 0 to 100, help to analyse the risks related to the disparities between the natural style of the person and the job graph.
  • The three graphs of the person's natural and adapted style and the job.

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