Our training solutions are adapted to your company's values, to your management and leadership style, to your communication, history and culture. Each and every project is unique which is why we provide you with tailor-made learning solutions.

Our DNA: Sustainable Action learning through innovative Learning & Development solutions that implements both organisational and behavioural changes and instils lasting performance.

We create a safe environment to explore new ways of thinking and doing, re-interpret old and familiar concepts and produce fresh ideas; we call this reflective learning. This enables the participants to work smarter and find creative ways to bring about change, to test their beliefs and assumptions and learn what works. We insist on learning that you can take back to the workplace and translate into action. 3R Consultants has implanted this approach over the last 10 years with great results.


Change habits and go beyond acquired skills, for training with a maximum ROI.


Reveal and highlight talent, to enhance performance


Realise your objectives, and put the knowledge acquired during training into practice

Our brains

Willem Royaards

"We can only act efficiently by working together." Edmund Burke

Willem Royaards


Jean-Marc Sertillange

"We cannot teach anything to humans ; we can only help him to perceive what is concealed inside him" Galileo

Jean-Marc Sertillange

Learning Approaches Director

Monique Mulder

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.” Henry Ford

Monique Mulder

Country Manager BENELUX

Valerie Van Reede

"That what you want to change in your outer world is a reflection you're unwilling to experience in your inner world." Unknown

Valerie Van Reede

Consultant Expert

High value-added services to help achieve sustainable human development and operational efficiency.


We propose different approaches for our pedagogical training solutions inspired by neuroscience, in order to keep our participants as involved as possible during our training sessions. We put together practical and playful training workshops in order to involve our trainees as much as possible.

Return on Investment

To efficiently assess your training needs, it is necessary to identify the expected results. Then, we design methods, training approaches and assessment tools to encourage the transfer of knowledge.


We use different learning approaches such as Digital Learning, virtual classrooms, instructor-led, Learning by Doing, as well as our Espresso sessions...this allows participants to develop themselves and experiment with various techniques and tools put in place within the training.

Action Learning

We insist on Action Learning in order to apply what participants learn during training directly in the workplace, especially for attitudinal and organisational changes, in order to make a lasting impact on performance.

We create personalised training solutions to answer in the best way possible to your needs.

Adopt tailor-made training !

3R international

3R consultants is internationally established.
This allows us to elaborate and set up training that is adaptable to your local needs and to the strategy of your organisation.
Our training can be taught in various languages.

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3R Consultants creates and delivers state of the art learning solutions, fostering efficiency and performance through blended-learning and innovative methods, always keeping at heart the sustainable human development of your team.

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