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Unlocking people's full potential

What we do...

At 3R Consultants, our ambition is to unlock people's potential through entertaining training seminars, fostering the involvement of our participants. We help organisations and their staff reaching objectives by increasing their learning abilities.

We turn potential into performance thanks to our team of dedicated experts all over the world in different sectors such as:
- Management
- Marketing
- Team-Building
- And so much more!

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Our 3 units

We have created three expert services in order to offer you the most adapted training solutions to your needs.

Intelligence unit

The 3R Intelligence Unit is a unit that we have created in order to keep up to date with our clients' training requirements and necessary learning tools. The unit remains in permanent contact with the companies as well as our associates throughout the world, thus helping keep our database renewed and up to date.

Training Unit

Having worked across many sectors over many years, we know that if an in-depth audit has not been carried out beforehand, some training just does not work. Either the content misses the mark, the course is not targeted at the right people, or the delivery style or method does not meet the delegates’ needs or expectations.

Outsourcing Unit

We are also able to offer a more integrated level of service. In addition to proposing Learning & Development solutions we can manage, administer and evaluate most, if not all of your internal and external training. In that case we assign a 3R project manager to your company, who will be in charge and liaise with you.

Our monitoring

As part of our training services, we have developed a monitoring tool, allowing participants to consolidate what they have achieved during training programmes.

Added value of training sessions is often evaluated during the actual process, but further consolidation is usually required. This tool helps validate the efficiency of the knowledge acquired throughout the training process.

Sustainable Human Development - 3R's vision


Feeling responsible for your actions and results is crucial in terms of long-term commitment. A company must give a sense of responsibility to their employees in order to develop loyalty and motivation.


Giving the opportunity to grow and learn within a company and giving a sense of responsibility guarantees a performance increase and long-term motivation.


There are no lasting results without a clear vision and goals. Understanding the global context in which you work and the ways in which you contribute to achieving goals increases your sense of belonging to the company.


When asked about the important aspects of their professional lives, 80% of individuals mention the importance of growth, evolving within the company, learning and progressing. Successful growth guarantees an increased performance in the long term.

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3R Consultants creates and delivers state of the art learning solutions, fostering efficiency and performance through blended-learning and innovative methods, always keeping at heart the sustainable human development of your team.

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